World of nutrition and gut health! - Laura O'Brien
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World of nutrition and gut health!

Welcome to the world of nutrition and gut health!

My name is Laura and I am Aussie dietitian with a passion for digestive health and a love for exploring how food and nutrition can improve your gut health. I am excited to launch my new blog and hope it will give you and I the opportunity to explore:

  • Up to date nutrition science in gut health
  • Food and nutrition advice for a healthy gut
  • Food and nutrition advice for people struggling with gastrointestinal diseases like Coeliac disease, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome or after gastrointestinal surgery

A little about me…

I am a food loving Accredited Practising Dietitian with experience in hospitals and clinics in Australia and Canada.

I love of eating, swimming, hiking, camping and a spot of (sometimes successful) gardening. So why the interest in gut health?

Why gut health?

Through my work with clients in hospitals and clinics here in Australia and Canada, I’ve learnt how much gut symptoms impact on day-to-day life. I’ve worked with clients who’ve shared their quiet anxiety about gas, bloating, cramping, diarrhoea and constipation.

Real life worries and concerns that aren’t “popular”, “sexy” or “socially acceptable” to talk about with friends and family!

  • Maybe if I skip breakfast, I won’t be gassy with my tennis partner?
  • Will I tell my friend that I’m gluten free for the dinner party? Or will I just go hungry?
  • An overseas holiday! What will I eat? Will I be able to find public toilets?
  • How do I eat healthy food, when everything makes be bloated and crampy?
  • Or dreading tomorrow, knowing that you’ll have to take the day off work again.

Let’s bring these concerns out of the dark and start talking about guts again!

Nutrition is never the ONLY solution but hopefully together we can explore strategies, foods, recipes and help you understand how food affects your gut and put you in control of your symptoms.

I look forward to finding food solutions to improve your health, nutrition and digestion!

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